At Quality & Design Stairs, we offer a range of varied staircase and railing services.

Wood Stairs Manufacturing

Our core aim lies in working to enhance the appearance of your home. We place diligent emphasis on the type of wood to use for your dream staircase. We work with only high-quality hardwood to satisfy our customers and to meet the high standards. Our expert team works on intricate and difficult designs. Our highest quality raw material ensures the longevity of our products.

Our services start off with the initial design, which is prepared after carefully examining the requirements of our customers, after approval of the design, the final product is created. Our expert craftsmanship and our streamlined process helps us deliver the product in the shortest time possible. We have a large inventory of wood for our customer to choose from. Our design team performs the feasibility study before deciding on the final design.

Furthermore, you will find modern, stylish, chic and traditional styles in our portfolio. We are continuously on the outlook for new innovations and materials to make our product lighter and more durable.


We, at Quality & Design Stairs, are diligent about delivering only excellent quality to our customers. Our design team creates intricate and stylish railing designs, suiting the requirements of our customers. We aim to manufacture and install high quality railings at a competitive price. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the process, from permits to design to installation.

Whether you require to build a completely new railing or require renovation in the already existing one, our team will fulfil your needs with utmost dedication and professionalism. Our design to installation time is usually 4 days (which is less than almost all companies working in the same capacity in the industry). We work on the principle of satisfying the customer by providing a product that is not only classy, safe, modern but would also last for a long time. Our products are available in the most competitive prices to our customers.

Resurfacing (Capping)

Often the beauty of your stunning staircase is hidden beneath an ugly carpet because the staircase has worn off. We offer excellent stair capping services to our customers. Our aim is to provide a complete new look to the staircase in a competitive price. Our experience in the stair manufacturing and renovation and our exceptional tailor-made services makes us the best choice in the industry. We prepare custom templates to ensure that we manufacture suitable threads and trims for your staircase.

A number of homeowners consider resurfacing a win-win. It enhances the beauty to a focal point in their homes. The time duration of completion depends upon the nature of the staircase or railing. In case of a straight staircase, the entire projects take as long as a week including the design creation and approval phase. It also depends upon how old or new the house is. We offer customized designs for all our customers.

Nosing & Trim

Nosing is placed on the stair to reduce the number of accidents on the stairs as well as help provide an inclusive environment allowing access to all building users. We offer unique, innovative and attractive stair nosing. Nosing is placed under the railing and acts as a bridge between flooring and the vertical surface of the staircase. We deploy highest quality materials.

We offer nosing in multiple choices of material and a number of profile designs to accommodate almost every step change. We provide numerous choices to suit majority of the floorcoverings. We also provide stair trims to suit the nosing requirements of our customers. Our excellent service and high-quality product makes us the best choice.


Our dedication to work, experienced woodworkers and our commitment to serve our clients in the best possible manner enables us to complete every task with utmost perfection and professionalism. From design, to creation to final installation, the goal remains same i.e. to satisfy our customers. We foster a customer focused environment and our exquisite products vouch for our extraordinary service.